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About the Circle of Friends Pet Sitters

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Hello! My name is Jolynn Collins and as owner of Circle of Friends Pet Sitters I thank you for visiting our Website! I have passionately dedicated several years within the animal care and education field to learn and help pets and owners sustain healthy bonded relationships. I have spent several years working for county animal control facilities and humane societies. It truly does take a special person to work in these environments. I was well known for helping the community reunite several lost pets. This is one of the reasons why this website is also dedicated to helping the community with more information on how to find and post a lost pet.

I have organized animal fundraising events, assisted with child animal day camps, held pet therapy events, gone to several certification programs for animal behavior/training and safety, worked as a veterinary technician, raised macaws, cats, ferrets, an iguana, hamsters and dogs. Also, I have fostered and rescued several types of domestic and wild animals for adoption or re-release.

I have traveled and moved across the states several times with all my pets and can honestly understand that just a slight change in routine can make a difference in you and your pets spirits.  I want to personally promise to all of our clients that our #1 goal is to provide a service to help reduce stress, share helpful knowledge and create a close circle of friends. "Love Is What We Are" and a trusted Circle of Friends is what we will be!

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Hello! My name is Richard Collins co-owner of Circle of Friends Pet Sitters.  I am a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor by trade that loves all creatures.  I grew up with, cared for, and rescued several animals over the years.  My specialty is working with Border Collies and most high energy dog breeds.  I have worked with several herding dogs on a working farm.  I understand how important it is to exercise our pets.  I look forward to adding new friends to our circle! Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions as we will be glad to be of assistance. "Love Is What We Are" and a trusted Circle of Friends is what we will be to you!

About Our Pets

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Minny Collins is our Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) that is a senior in which turned 14 years old April 24th of 2008! Jolynn rescued her from her 4th owner by the time she was already 1 year old. She suffered from severe fear aggression, separation anxiety, and was not socialized properly. Jolynn worked as an animal control officer at the shelter she was given to in which her temperament did not pass to be adoptable. With diligent training Minny has become a great loyal girl. Jolynn has learned from Minny by staying persistent and trying to deeply understand animal behavior in order to help ease her anxiety and fears. Some dogs are born with anxieties in which can be helped through proper treatment and training but, they are unique so understanding WHY is key to any behavioral issues. We have more information regarding behavioral issues on our behavior page of our Website! Please feel free to review and post any experiences or concerns on our forum also as many pet owners have experienced similar situations!

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Billy Boy Collins is our Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) that will be 11 years old in February of 2008!  Billy Boy was rescued from a shelter also.  He has been a pleasure raising and does not have any behavioral issues. He has acute arthritis, loves to eat and suffers from laziness! We love him!

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Buddy Collins is our Border Collie mix that turned 1 year old February of 2008!  Buddy was rescued from an organization that excepted a litter of unwanted puppies in Riverside, California found on Petfinder.com.  Buddy has been a handful to train as his breed is very intelligent and hyper active that gets bored very quickly.  He is a trick dog and is very social as he often goes to work to play with some of our clients at times.  You can arrange a play date field trip with him also!  He knows how to give 5 left and right, sit, down, give 10 and kisses!  We are very proud of our Buddy Boy!

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Pookie Collins is our princess girl with an attitude.  She turned 15 years old in 2008!  Pookie was rescued from an animal control in which she was brought in as a stray at 6 months of age.  She has been an indoor cat her whole life but, had an escape adventure a couple years ago.  She was gone for almost 10 days within a beach community in Oceanside, California.  The fact that she had never been outside was the biggest worry as there where many seasoned outdoor cats in the area.  A nice young girl rescued her and saw our posters.  We thought we lost her forever!  This is one of the reasons why we encourage pet owners to not give up on looking for their pets if something like this may happen.  We have provided many resources on our lost and found page of our Website for the community.

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Punky Pie Collins is our little shy girl with a major attitude if provoked.  Punky turned 11 years old in 2008!  Jolynn rescued Punky while working for a humane society in Arizona.  Punky was brought in to the receiving department of the shelter as a feral stray.  She was the size of Jolynn's palm and because of her background and lack of space was sent to be euthanized.  Jolynn decided to foster her in which she became part of the family.  We liked her disposition and she has become a wonderful cat companion over the years.  We had a few feline behavior issues with litter box problems that have been resolved after using certain treatments and prevention techniques.

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Our Foxy Lady passed away in April 2007 at the age of 16.  We loved her and appreciate all the support there was to help with the grieving of our feline baby girl. Rainbow Bridge~



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Thank you for visiting our website!

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